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Bob Hoskins: The man who made it ok to be stuck in the middle

Yesterday I learned that Bob Hoskins passed away. Already there have been tributes and obituaries praising his performance in films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Long Good Friday. But I’ll always admire him for The Raggedy Rawney. Hoskins

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Patrick J Russell: How Crowdfunding Through Twitter Can Fight Injustice

Who’s Patrick J. Russell? Patrick J. Russell is an author, an avid reader and a staunch supporter of indie artists and writers. Promoting indie artists and all kinds of crowdfunding projects from his Twitter page @patrussellbooks, he has helped publicise

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The Olympic Athlete and the Beauty Queen – How our messed up ideas of female appearance need to change

This evening on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! the women in the camp were discussing the beauty industry. The talk soon turned to the pressure that women feel to live up to impossibly difficult standards set by

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The PIP 20 metre rule remains intact

Originally posted on Jane Young:
Despite hundreds of consultation responses explaining the devastating impact on people with significant walking difficulties of using 20 metres as the benchmark distance for eligibility for the enhanced mobility component of PIP* and therefore the…

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Wishing like Lucinda

The typical fairytale wish scenario usually involves something like a genie, or a golden fish, or a sand fairy appearing and offering to grant the hero or heroine some wishes. Ella Enchanted, one of my kids’ favourite films has a

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At What Price Do Training Tools Become A Waste of Money?

In my local paper this week, councillors are complaining that Monmouthshire County Council have spent over a thousand pounds on a training gadget with the intention of helping to train councillors across the county. Predictably perhaps, phrases are now being

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The Power of Three

The Power of 3

Please note that this post contains spoilers for the latest Neil Gaiman novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. If you haven’t read this book yet (why not?) but are intending to and don’t want to see any

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