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This Easter, I will mostly be reading…

Easter reads

I’ve challenged myself to read 60 books by the end of the year. That’s just over one a week. Work and volunteer projects and family life have all conspired to make March a slow reading month, so I’ve set myself

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Friday Five: Fantastic Retellings

Friday Five - blog challenge

Hans Christian Andersen, Perrault, The Brothers Grimm. We think we know where our fairy stories come from. The stories we hear from the earliest age and carry inside us as we grow up. But even those 18th and 19th Century

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It’s not your job to police my body!

Apple and pear diversity by Alexandre Dulaunoy - shared under Creative Commons license

Why people need to stop shaming others, especially based on appearance This week Yahoo is reporting the story of a woman who was shamed on a beach in Canada for the “crime” of wearing a bikini that didn’t hide her

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A rant about folk crafts

Folk art teapot in the Japan gallery at the V&A

Last Friday, having travelled to London and found myself with an afternoon to fill, I took myself off to the V&A. In the Japan gallery, I found out that ‘folk craft’ was a recognised style. Apparently it’s been around since

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On How Opposition to Everyday Sexism Proves Why Women Need This Space

The Everyday Sexism Project is a website that catalogues incidences of harassment and sexism. It gives women a space in which to talk about how sexism affects them in their everyday lives and it gives other women reading a sense

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Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Cook!

Welcome to my first Two Cents Tuesday Challenge post! Set fortnightly by Across the Bored, Two Cents gives out different topic to blog about each time, and in my first go, we’re covering cooking. Cooking may sound like it should

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The Olympic Athlete and the Beauty Queen – How our messed up ideas of female appearance need to change

This evening on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! the women in the camp were discussing the beauty industry. The talk soon turned to the pressure that women feel to live up to impossibly difficult standards set by

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