What I mean by “Plus Size” fashion

I am plus size. I’m a UK size 26 and one of the things I find tricky when reading articles about plus size fashion is knowing exactly what is classed as “plus size”. Some people class anything above a size 14 as plus size, some ranges stop at a size 18 or 20 and others go up to 32 or bigger. So I thought it would be helpful to explain the criteria I use to blog by:


When I post outfit ideas and clothing links, these will generally be available up to at least a size 26. Occasionally sizes do vary, so I may occasionally feature garments that I know run large, even if they have a smaller size on the label. I usually try to point these out though.

I use a Simply Be size 26 as my benchmark, but have found the following brands to run large in comparison:

  • Yours (a 24 or even a 22 may fit here)
  • F&F for Tesco (size 24)

The following brands tend to run small for me:

  • Anna Scholz for Simply Be (may need to size up to 28 for hip measurements)
  • ASOS Curve (size 26 just about fits, but sizing up to 28 may be more comfortable)


I generally try to feature shoes that are available in a wide fitting. If I feature shoes that are not wide fit, I will try to point this out in the post.

Brands I have personally found to be suitable if you have wide feet:

  • Viva La Diva offer E, EE and EEE width shoes
  • Evans offers EEE width shoes and one of the biggest range of wide calf boots
  • Yours offers wide fit shoes and the widest wide calf boots I have found.


If you are looking for plus size tights, you may find this review helpful. If you are tall or have long legs I can also recommend these black tights from Yours. They are the only brand I have tried that don’t roll down!

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