Reviews Policy

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Image by Abhi Sharma, used under Creative Commons license

What do I review?

Mainly fantasy novels and short story collections, though occasionally sci fi, YA and general fiction if it piques my interest.

I’m happy to review print and ebooks.

What don’t I review?

I don’t generally review romance, crime and action stories, because they aren’t what I’d choose to read in my own time and so I’d rather not review something I don’t feel confident giving a balanced, knowledgeable  view about.

I also don’t review audio books. But if you are looking for an audio book reviewer who covers similar material, you may like to try Orisi’s Blah Blah Blah.

How do I review?

My reviews are posted on my blog and on my Goodreads profile.

When I review a book or story, I give it a mark out of 5. I generally talk about the plot, storyline, writing style and who I think the book may be suitable for. However, this can vary depending on the type of book I review. While I try to be fair in my reviews, I also think it’s important to be honest, so while I’m grateful for any review copies sent to me, I can’t promise they will always get a positive review.

I will always acknowledge in the opening paragraph of a post if a book or story I am discussing has been sent to me for review purposes.

What links do I include in reviews?

Unless a book is not available to buy at the point of review, I will include a link to the Hive Network – an online bookstore that allows users to nominate a local bookstore of their choice to receive a proportion of the profit from sales made. This is a personal decision and I do not receive any funding or affiliate link benefits from Hive. I just believe that it’s a good way to support local businesses, even if you can’t always get to the store in person.

If a book is not available through Hive then I may link to alternative sites that stock the title.

How can I contact you about a review?

Please use the contact form on my About page.

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