Summer Reading Update

So how did I do? Summer reading progress update

Summer Reading  Update

I know, I know. It has been too long since you’ve had a proper update from me. There I was, cheerily listing my planned reading over Easter, and the next thing you know it’s radio silence and summer is here already!

I will start with my usual excuse, that work has been insanely busy. It has. But there’s more. I’ve also been looking for a new job, interviewing and accepting an offer, so I’m upping sticks and leaving my cosy desk in Bristol for a desk timeshare between working from home and in Cardiff.

So where does that leave me on my reading since we last met?

What have I been reading?

Books read: 13

Books reviewed: 1


  • Sci fi (2)
  • Diverse fantasy (2)
  • General fiction (1)
  • Folklore (1)
  • YA (1)
  • Epic fantasy (5)
  • Middle grade (1)

So you can see I’ve been reverting to type and hitting the epic fantasy books hard. Though look, I have read 2 sci fi novels by choice! It’s definitely a genre that is growing on me. But I wonder whether it is making me a little more cynical about fantasy as a genre.

Has epic fantasy become a parody of itself?

3 of the 5 epic fantasy books I read were the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. These did not disappoint me. They were complex, disturbing in parts and full of the small details of everyday life that are so often lacking in grand sweeping sagas. In contrast, The Magician’s Guild by Trudy Canavan, didn’t live up to its early promise. I know that foreshadowing is a thing, but the plot seemed so obvious that I was convinced it was a double bluff. And a little bit miffed that no, that really was the real ending. Like I say, maybe I’m getting too cynical.

And next… I need your help!

What’s next from me? Well, now things have calmed down a bit, I need to get myself in gear and put up reviews of these thirteen books. And after that?

Well… how about a suggestion-based review. Which books would you recommend for someone who loves epic fantasy but is getting heartily sick of obvious cliches? I’d love to see your comments and ideas.

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