Top reads 2014 stamp

Standout reads of 2014

Top reads 2014 stamp

2014 is already coming swiftly to a close and Goodreads tells me I’ve finished 71 books this year – a marked improvement on the 41 I read last year. So which books are the ones that still leave me a bit excited when I think about them, going into 2015?


A Face Like Glass by Frances HardingeA Face Like Glass by Francis Hardinge

I adore this book and I can’t think of an occasion which would render it an unsuitable read (well, maybe not during a wedding or exam!) Feeling angry and frustrated with the world? Find solace in here. Feeling hopeful and keen to make a difference? Inspiration here. Feel…. ok you get it. Warm, original and just plain fun. I’d love to see a sequel to this one.

Read my review here.


The Incarnations by Susan BarkerThe Incarnations by Susan Barker

Quite a bleak read, but certainly a haunting one. I still can’t believe that this is a debut novel because Susan Barker’s writing style is so distinctive and assured, it feels like the work of an established author on their 5th or 6th novel to me.

If you’re a bit sceptical of fantasy, magical realism and “all that funny stuff” in your reading materials, this would be my go-to recommendation.

Read my review here.


Fool's Assassin by Robin HobbFool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb

For me, this is the big one. The best novel I’ve read this year.  Robin Hobb is a master at writing complex, fully realised epic fantasies with multiple plotlines that keep you up far too late to find out the latest twist!

If you read one book next year, make it this one.

Read my review here.



The Year of the Flood by Margaret AtwoodThe Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

The middle book of the MaddAddam trilogy, in my opinion this is definitely the strongest of the three. It picks up an alternate storyline that runs concurrently to the action in predecessor Oryx and Crake and fills in all the gaps from it, while creating a brilliant but disturbing dystopian world in its own right.




The Amulet of Sleep by Andrea AtzoriThe Amulet of Sleep by Andrea Atzori

I’ll be posting a review on this soon, but suffice to say that you need to read this! It’s quite hard to classify genre-wise in that I think it’s aimed at a YA audience, but has quite an anime feel, courtesy of brilliant artwork from Dany & Dany.

If you loved the epic quest cartoons of the 80s like Ulysses, Cities of Gold and Belle and Sebastien then you’ll love this. Plus – fantastic worldbuilding based around Sardinian folklore! I am eagerly awaiting Volume 2.

*The only catch is that I’m yet to find a non-ARC link to purchase this in English (it’s translated from Italian)


Want to read these titles yourself?

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So what are your favourite reads this year?


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