plum to dusk - softer paler shades that are easy to wear

Plus size style: your essential A/W 14 colour guide

Most highstreet and online stores have now started stocking their Autumn/Winter ranges. It’s tempting to dash out and grab all the pieces you love right away. But in my experience, whilst fun, this is a quick way to end up with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that don’t really work together. What I’ve done this year is gone through the new collections and grouped items.

Why would I do that? Because once I have a better idea of the colours, prints, fabrics and shapes that are out there, then I can make sure I’m picking garments that appeal but are also wearable in the longer term and more cost effective.

Here I’ve isolated some of the main colour trends for this season into four main groups. Once you decide which one you like best, you at least have an idea of a rough palette from which to choose your colours and clothes.

Fashion colours A/W 14: Shades of greyLast year’s monochrome trend has softened slightly this year to incorporate a number of grey blends in between the black-white contrast. This move towards more blending and softening is also reflected in garment shapes this season. There’s a lot more wraps and draping and a lot less sharp tailoring.

Dark, warm shades in A/W14 reminiscent of  back to schoolThe darker muted palette on racks this year has quite a ‘back to school’, sombre feel as the key colours mimic that often found in school uniforms. Be wary of combining these shades with patterns like checks or tartan unless you actively want to go for the retro look. They can work very well as less overpowering background shades for some of the large floral prints that are still popular this season though.

plum to dusk - softer paler shades that are easy to wearNot everyone feels comfortable in strong, dark colours. So the plum palette offers a lighter, softer alternative. These shades can be found in florals, tartans and kaleidoscope/tile prints this season, as well as lending themselves well to block colour knits. The lighter shades of silvers and dusky pinks also work well in the fluffier and eyelash yarns that are popular this autumn.

Bright and beautiful - contrasting, upbeat shades for A/W 14Though there’s definitely a move towards softer, more natural colours and shapes this season, there are still plenty of brights around for more extrovert dressers. Reds and blues are a particularly popular combination on tile prints, and this colour group also works well to lend an oriental feel to the kimono jackets still on sale for the summer-winter transition period. I suspect the limes of summer might start to tend towards more wintery mustard shades as we get nearer to Christmas.


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