Shreddied Chocolate Tiffin

Shreddied Tiffin Recipe

Shreddied Chocolate Tiffin

This is a great summer baking option for cooking with kids! Minimal time spent at the cooker and you get to keep opening the fridge to check on whether it’s chilled!

I was working from home yesterday, so that I could keep my eldest company whilst my husband took our youngest to a friend’s birthday party. It’s still scorching hot here and just padding around the house is practically enough to induce swooning, but I still wanted to make sure my eldest had a good time. She made a list of things she wanted to do, and cooking was top of the list. We both agreed it was too hot to do full-on cake baking and a quick internet search revealed this chocolate tiffin recipe from Sewing Room Secrets.

We duly headed to the kitchen, only to discover we were running short on some of the specified ingredients, so what you see below is the result of some inspired substitutions!

Shreddied Tiffin

Shreddied chocolate tiffin close up


300g digestive biscuits (Never heard of digestives? They’re a wholewheat flat cookie. Sewing Room Secrets says they can be substituted for Graham Crackers)

100g Shreddies or similar malted wheat cereal

3 tbsp cocoa

100g black treacle (Try molasses if you can’t get treacle where you are)

85g honey

125g butter

400g chocolate (a mixture of milk and dark is probably best)

sprinkles/toppings of your choice


1) Line a traybake tin with foil (makes it easier to get it out afterwards!)

2) Tip the biscuits and shreddies into a large mixing bowl and crush them. We used the end of a rolling pin to leave a fairly chunky mixture – think smallish bite sized pieces rather than biscuit dust!

3) Put the butter, cocoa, treacle and honey in a saucepan and heat gently until it has melted into a dark gooey mess. Do be careful not to melt on too high a heat as the treacle might be prone to burning. You really just need everything to be liquid enough to combine nicely.

4) Pour the butter-treacle mix over the biscuits and shreddies and give it a good mix. You’ll need a strong metal spoon or a wooden spoon to do this as it will be quite stiff.

5) Tip the sticky biscuit mixture into the traybake tin and firm down fairly assertively with a wooden spoon. You’ll want to do this slowly and steadily, but do push it down quite hard as you’re trying to make sure you get a nice, firmly packed mixture that won’t crumble when you cut it up later. It’s also obligatory to taste test the bit that gets stuck to the spoon afterwards.

6) Break the chocolate into squares and put in a bowl over a saucepan of lowly simmering water. Note: DO NOT let the bottom of the bowl touch the water or the chocolate will go all stiff and weird! Stir from time to time til it has dissolved.

7) Tip the chocolate over the biscuit base and spread it out evenly to cover. You’ll probably want to drizzle the chocolate over all parts of the base before you start spreading it out so you don’t end up with loads in the middle and struggling to get coverage to the edges.

8) Decorate with sugar strands, hundreds & thousands, smarties or whatever other sprinkles you like.

9) Put in the fridge to chill for about an hour. If it is looking fairly set but not yet rock hard then cut into pieces. You can then pack them into portion sized boxes and store in the fridge til you want to eat them.

This makes about 30 or so slices of rich, malty, chocolatey joy in less than half an hour and with only around 10 minutes of stove time!

Shreddied chocolate tiffin - a traybake that's great to pack up for coworkers or for picnics

What’s your favourite hot weather baking treat?

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