You can wear orange: fade it out

Plus size style: 9 ways to wear orange

You don’t need a melodramatic streak to wear this summer’s brightest shade. There’s a shade and style of orange to suit everyone.

Bold and Bright

If you’re confident wearing strong colours and aren’t afraid of being the centre of attention then these outfits are for you.You can wear orange: bold and brightLeft: High-low hem top £37 from Evans. Textured pencil skirt £12.99 from New Look Inspire.

Middle: Print jersey top £38.90 from Navabi. Crop slouch linen mix trousers £34 from Simply Be

Right: Threads orange tee with necklace £23.30 from Debenhams. Ankle grazer trousers £16.50 from Crazy Clearance

Break it up

If plain orange is too hard on the eye for you, breaking it up with a pattern in neutral or complementary shades can tone down the brightness.

You can wear orange: break it upLeft: V-neck top £35 from Curvissa. Navy linen trousers £22 from M&Co

Middle: Red and orange print maxi dress £22.99 from New Look

Right: Threads wrap back batwing tee £29 from Simply Be. White cropped trousers £15 from Yours

Fade it out

Maybe you just don’t feel comfortable with orange? That’s ok, just think laterally. You don’t have to go for a citrus hue. Why not take it a few shades paler?

You can wear orange: fade it outLeft: Lace stripe t-shirt £12.99 from New Look. Blue cool cotton roll up crop trousers £15 from Yours

Middle: Flowers on end dress $49.99 from Modcloth (US-based but ship to the UK)

Right: Apricot gypsy blouse £20.00 from Simply Be. Indigo crop jeans £22 from Yours


Remember, being plus size doesn’t mean you have to hide in dark, baggy garments. Life’s too short so pick the colours and styles that make you shine!


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