10 Questions: The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award - info and rules

I’m very excited because the lovely Steven at Made by Steven has nominated me for a Liebster award! If you’re not familiar with Steven’s blog, then you should definitely head over there and take a look, especially if you’ve come to this page looking for recipe ideas because Steven has some great posts about Japanese food and other Eastern recipes and has promised to post a knock-out Kim Chi recipe very soon!

Of course, after the initial rush of thinking “Yay! Someone actually gave *me* an award!”, my next question was what exactly a Liebster Award is. In a nutshell, it’s a peer-gifted award aimed at recognising interesting bloggers who are new or may not have a very wide following just yet. You can find out more about the award’s origins and guidelines for how to award and accept it at Lorraine Reguly’s blog.

Liebster Q&A: All about me

1) If you had to choose, iPhone or iPad?

Hmm, I’ve never used either. I’m more of an Android girl, though I’ve just got a new Windows phone for work that I’m pretty impressed with. Either way, it’s the phone for me. The smaller size makes a big difference when it comes to having space in my handbag.

2) List your top three cuisines?

Oh, this is hard! I guess if I had to choose it would be…

a) Pan asian food (is that a cop-out? I like Vietnamese/Malaysian/Thai sorts of dishes and flavours – the kind of food my favourite lunchtime restaurant Tampopo have on their menu.)

b) British – you can’t beat a nice stew or shepherd’s pie on a cold winter’s night, and a proper roast beef sunday dinner with roast potatoes, lots of green veg and gravy is the food of kings, in my opinion.

c) USA baking – I have a nice little collection of American baking cookbooks on my shelves at home and I’m always amazed at the vast variety of cookies, muffins, cakes and candies that people have dreamed up! Unfortunately I don’t get to eat them anymore because I’ve given up eating refined sugar *cries*, but that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration from for the Christmas gift hampers I make every year for my friends and family.

3) What movie in 2014 are you looking forward to?

Probably the last part of The Hobbit. I know so far the series has had mixed reviews, but as a bit of a fangirl (I play LOTRO obsessively and even took an online course about Lord of the Rings last year) it’s still going to be a must see for me.

4) Are you a dog or cat person?

Cat! Definitely. Phew, one that’s easy to answer!

5) And your next holiday destination is to . . . . ?

A little town in Devon, England called Bideford. Lots of [misguided] people think that South Devon or Cornwall are better, but I love the ruggedness of the coastline in North Devon. It’s a bit of a hidden gem in my opinion.

Bideford Pannier Market Cafe – the best breakfast in town!

6) Which fictional universe would you like to be in: X-men, Harry Potter, Star Wars?

Well, X-Men definitely have the coolest super powers. But Harry Potter has magic, house elves and what must be the best catering in children’s fiction. But, I think I’d probably go for Star Wars because the other worlds are a bit elitist – you don’t count unless you have special powers, whereas in Star Wars anybody can join the Rebel Alliance and fight for their freedom.

7) You find one hundred dollars (or the equivalent in your currency). What do you do?

Try and give it back to the owner, hand it in or if none of that was an option, I’d probably put it up safely somewhere and feel too guilty to spend it in case the owner came back!

8) Smoker or non-smoker?

Non. Definitely.

9) About food, you can only choose two is it: Tasty, Cheap, or Good For You?

I feel like I really should say Good For You, but in honesty, it would be Cheap and Tasty every time, sorry!

10) What kind of music are you into?

Whatever takes my fancy really. It’s probably quicker to list the music I hate (rave, country & western and jazz). I have Spotify and my playlists on there vary from classical film soundtracks like Wuthering Heights, to folk bands like April Maze and O’ Hooley & Tidow, to gypsy punk like Gogol Bordello and Parno Graszt.

Liebster Q&A: All about you

So now you know all about me, it’s time for me to nominate some more great bloggers and ask them a few soul searching questions. Here are my nominations:

Veroglam – Glamorous Life: Beauty, Plus Size Fashion, & Lifestyle

Rishona Campbell – Technology * Marketing * Culture

What’s the Pont – Bridging People and Ideas


Chef Priyanka – I got 99 problems but a meal ain’t 1


And here are my questions for you:

1) You’re on a spaceship, about to be cast out into Outer Space by the dastardly, moustache twirling villain. But first you’re allowed to choose your last meal – what will it be?

2) You’re a character in a classic epic fantasy novel, will you be the young and unsuspecting hero/heroine, the older, wiser but jaded wizard or the upbeat, funny yet clumsy sidekick?

3) We’re still in that epic fantasy novel. You’ve fought your way to the castle, beyond the goblin village, but behind the next door is your nemesis – a fearsome creature you secretly dread. What is it?

4) What’s your favourite colour?

5) Are you a morning or evening person?

6) What was the most important thing you learned last week?

7) If you could only blog about one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be?

8) If time travel were possible, but you had to choose which direction to go in, would you rather travel to the past or the future?

9) What’s your favourite type of dinosaur?

10) What’s your favourite social media network? (Eg Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…)

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