50 Facts Tag: All about Dorris

Fresh from a rain soaked bus ride this morning, I logged into Twitter to discover that I’d been tagged by MabisMab in her 50 Facts post.

What’s 50 Facts, you may ask? Good question. As far as I can tell, this means I need to tell you all 50 random things about me and then spread the anxiety about what to write joy to the next unwary victims people I choose to tag. Simple, in theory.

So here goes….

50 Facts About Dorristheloris

On Lorises…

1) When I came up with the name, I accidentally mixed up a loris with an emperor tamarin, because I like how they always look like they’re ranting about something. Unlike lorises which usually look fairly chilled out.

2) But actually, lorises are pretty cool too – did you know they are venomous and secrete poison from glands on the inside of their elbows?

3) In my Twitter bio, I describe myself as a poshrat. This actually means someone who is of part Gypsy/Romany origin.

4) And since you’re probably wondering, that origin is from my Dad’s side of the family.

On reading, writing and drama…

5) When I went to university I studied English and Drama

6) … Because I used to be so shy that I’d shake, stutter and break out in a sweat if I had to even speak to one person I didn’t know and I thought Drama might fix that.

7) It did cure me of my shyness – there’s only so much time you can spend crawling round the floor or shouting nonsense sounds before you realise that yes you do look ridiculous but that the world hasn’t ended and you’re ok, really.

8) The first adult book I read was Pawn of Prophecy from the Belgariad series by David Eddings, soon followed by the rest of the Belgariad and the Malloreon.

9) This spawned a lot of bad attempts at epic fantasy writing in my teens, featuring unusually articulate orphans, destined for greatness.

10) I’m still a big fan of fantasy and fairytale literature, but am struggling to learn to like sci fi (any recommendations?)

11) Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman and Angela Carter are probably my favourite writers.

12) I used to run a role play clan in a Victorian role play sim in Second Life.

13) Yes, that sounds geeky, but I highly recommend trying it if you’re a writer struggling to find a rhythm and write realistic dialogue.

14) It can take over your life though. I had to stop when I realised I was spending over 20 hours a week on it (work, family, eating and sleeping need some space too!)

15) My favourite descriptive line from a book is in Where Have All the Boys Gone? by Jenny Colgan, where the love interest comes to ‘rescue’ the heroine, but she’s been crying and suddenly realises that her eyes look like “the eyes of a zombie piglet”. Tell me you don’t look like that after a good sobbing session and I’ll call you a liar!

On appearance…

16) Impressively, not only do I get zombie piglet eyes when I cry, I also get a purple face with attractive white rings round my eyes and mouth, that last for hours afterwards.

17) This is inconvenient as I have a pretty low crying threshold.

18) It’s 31 days since I last ate refined sugar.

19) And in my latest attempt to control the cravings, I’ve been displacing them by buying danish pastries for my work colleagues.

20) This appears to have really confused my boss.

On food and travel…

21) Places I really want to visit someday include Boston, Mongolia and New Zealand.

22) I once dated a guy from Kazakhstan (and no, he was nothing like Borat – much nicer!)

23) My favourite meal to cook just for myself is dhal with coconut and raisin studded rice

24) My favourite food to cook for other people is gingerbread cookies/biscuits – I always add a bit of cardamom and it makes a big difference!

25) When I was younger, I really wanted green contact lenses and straight hair.

26) Now I’m pretty happy with how I look – having dramatic tastes in clothing colours and patterns is easier with dark, crazy curly hair and dark eyes than I imagine it would be if I had mousy straight hair and grey eyes.

27) I was a tomboy growing up and refused to wear a skirt or dress between the ages of 11 and 14.

On pastimes…

28) I listen to a lot of film scores.

29) My current favourite is the score to the ITV version of Wuthering Heights by Ruth Barr

30) This really annoys my husband as he thinks music without drums, guitars and screaming is all boring

31) I personally think he’s in no place to judge, given that he’s a Talking Heads and David Byrne fan

32) David Byrne’s voice is like nails scratching down a blackboard to me – I really can’t stand it!

33) I like knitting but I’m not very good at it.

34) This is because I have a short attention span and knitting takes ages

35) It’s also because I am left handed and knit kind of back to front

36) Which makes doing cable and some more complicated stitches really really difficult

On work…

37) I can be pretty persistent…

38) Once I wanted the publisher I worked for to publish a textbook about something

39) I pestered and pitched to them for 2 years, wrote an outline, found some co-writers in the field

40) And it worked! So I now have a book [partly] to my name.

41) The weirdest thing I have written an article about was knitting using dog hair!

42) The weirdest article I ever edited included statistics about the number of insect fragments permitted in food for human consumption

43) The permitted number is a lot higher than you think. Actually, better not to think about it!

44) If I had a fairy workplace godmother, I’d ask for an office just for my team.

45) I hate open plan. It’s not good if you’re naturally a loudmouth!

46) I’m a bit of a data geek

47) It’s a running joke in the office that if there’s any kind of stats to collect and analyse, I’ll be mentally planning that colour coded graph as soon as I hear about it!

On randomness…

48) I had mild synaethesia as a kid, and used to not be able to say certain names and words because they tasted so bad.

49) I’m slightly hypermobile – this means I can bend my thumbs backwards.

50) I believed in Father Christmas til I was 10!

Well done if you got to the end of all that!


I love all things fantasy, from fiction to films to games. Mostly books though. I also love cooking and plus size fashion. Find recommendations for great fantasy reads and general fangirling here! If you want to get in touch with me, the quickest way is by Twitter @dorristheloris

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