The PIP 20 metre rule remains intact

You might remember that in the Spring I wrote about how in a small way, I had come to appreciate the difficulties disabled people face first hand when I sprained my ankle. And that the Government were proposing to limit the enhanced mobility component of PIP – a payment to help support disabled people to get out and about – to only those who were unable to walk more than 20 metres.

Despite a consultation where hundreds of people pointed out the problems with this proposal, the Government have decided to ignore the principle of democratic consultation and just go ahead with it anyway, potentially trapping thousands of disabled people in their homes.

Jane Young has blogged on the full implications above – if you feel, as I do, that this is an outrage that deliberately targets some of the most vulnerable in society while the super rich are enjoying help to buy and cuts to the top rate of income tax, please share and retweet this, and visit the Spartacus website ( to show your support.

Jane Young

Despite hundreds of consultation responses explaining the devastating impact on people with significant walking difficulties of using 20 metres as the benchmark distance for eligibility for the enhanced mobility component of PIP* and therefore the Motability scheme, the Government has decided, as we suspected they would, to keep the assessment criteria the same. Whilst this is obviously a disappointment, there are several interesting features of the Government’s response to the consultation worth highlighting (although it’s impossible to unpack the whole document in one article).

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