Betraying their own weakness: why the trolls will never win

I’m what you’d probably call a frequent Twitter user, so I’ve seen some of the rape threats that have been sent to Caroline Criado-Perez and Stella Creasy, as well as hearing about the troll who attempted to silence Mary Beard recently.  Naturally, I’m angry that fellow human beings (and I use the term here fairly loosely) would stoop so low as to use these kind of threats and insults to attempt to silence clever, articulate, successful women.

I’m also slightly surprised that these trolls can be so stupid.

Maybe they think they’re untraceable, but evidence so far tends to suggest that idea is mistaken on an epic scale. But even so, are they really that willing to display their utter, unimaginative stupidity on such a grand scale? Every tweet is a 140 character banner advertising the fact that not only are they too idiotic to be able to engage with the points and arguments that Caroline Criado-Perez, Mary Beard and others put forward, but that they are spectacularly unimaginative in their responses.

Someone says something you don’t like so the only thing you can think of to shut them up is to threaten them with a part of your anatomy? Wow, I bet Darwin is so so proud of these brave soldiers, they’ve reached such complex evolutionary heights!

The thing they forget is that while their public threats may be temporarily upsetting for the people they’re aimed at, they’re marking themselves as pathetic, frightened little souls who are too inadequate to engage in rational debate, and who can only lash out like frightened kittens. Wow, way to go, that’ll show ’em eh?

They forget that we can see through the bluster to the pathetic excuses for people underneath, and each tweet only proves the superiority of their ‘victims’. Have fun shooting yourselves in the feet, won’t you, trolls?


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