A Tale of Dice and Fire: Day 5

It’s already the last day of the challenge! The week seems to have flown by and I can’t help but have a nagging feeling that there are still stories untold that I’m somehow missing out on. So, the last roll of the dice comes with a sense of wistfulness.

Dice for Day 5 of #ATaleofDiceandFire

Time travel, storm, moon

Again, the dice we rolled seem uncannily apt – here I am lamenting how time seems to have sped up this week and lo and behold, up comes time travel as one of today’s elements.

How have you found the last week of stories? Have they been a nice change or an annoying interference in the general randomness of the blog? Should I make them a more regular feature?


I’ll post my story below once I’ve written it, which, unless I figure out my own method of time travel, will be around lunch time.  If you feel inspired today to write your own story, post the link below in the comments so we can all read it. And don’t forget, if you don’t have a blog of your own, you can post your story for free on Readwave.

The Last Moon

The storm is coming, and sometimes you can only run so far. We were so arrogant. So conceited. So stupid. We thought we knew it all. We bragged of our mastery over all worlds, all beings. We never dreamed that something so small could have such a hunger to destroy us. I don’t even know why I’m writing this down. If my final plan doesn’t work, there won’t be anyone to read it, ever again. But wait, you must be wondering who I am. Let me tell you my story, but quickly, we don’t have much time.

My name is Una Fulbright. I live on Oolaq B’Dar – the last moon, and I am the last human, maybe even the last life form left in the universe. Except for the nanobots, of course. Though whether you’d consider them truly alive, I’m not sure. They move, they eat, they breed, but I can’t imagine that a tangle of metal and wires can truly have a soul.

Do they have nanotechnology where you are? If they do, you must be wondering why I’m afraid of such tiny creatures. We weren’t in the beginning. We marvelled at the possibilities of the new invention, all the wondrous things they could do. Micro-surgery, scientific surveys of new planets with hostile atmospheres, sophisticated mechanical diagnostics that put all the computer repair men out of business. The best thing of all was their artificial intelligence – they could learn, so we never had to reprogram them, or do any maintenance on them. In our ignorance, we missed the initial changes. We saw them becoming more independent, like growing children, but never thought to ask why. Until they began to rebel.

No, not just rebel – they were smart and sociable. They learned to work together, in swarms. Though alone they were small, they swarmed into huge, unassailable storms. Like deadly clouds they swarmed over planet after planet, consuming everything in their path. And yes, the storm I spoke of, earlier, that’s them. Headed straight for poor Oolaq B’Dar. They’ve decimated so much of our galaxy, that Oolaq untouched stands as a fair prize, no wonder it draws them.

I’m doing the only thing I can do. The last option. There’s nothing left here. My children are dead, the earth beneath my feet is scorched and bare. I finished the last nutrition pack the day before yesterday and the last of the water went this morning. I have just enough energy left to power the generator. I hope I have enough time.

If you are reading this, then I will have succeeded in sending myself back in the machine. Back to your time to warn you. Please listen, please stop the nanobots while you can. I don’t think I can bear to live through it again.

Wish me luck,



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