A Tale of Dice and Fire: Day 4

As Day 4 of A Tale of Dice and Fire dawns, I’m finding myself rather enraged. Not about anything huge in particular, but the cumulative effect of when all the little things build up (tax credit screw ups, communal kitchen habits, a broken tap). Things that you normally shrug off are combining to turn me into an eye twitching, jaw clenching woman on the edge!

A Tale of Dice and Fire - Day 4 Dice

Hourglass, pumpkin, gnome

The dice seem to have picked up on my mood as the first one I rolled this morning was a gnome. The most famous gnome I can think of is Rumpelstiltskin, and we all know what happened to him when he lost his temper, so I think I’ll try and keep my own under control today in case I vanish in a puff of smoke too!

I’ll post my story around lunchtime BST. If you feel inspired today to write your own story, post the link below in the comments so we can all read it. And don’t forget, if you don’t have a blog of your own, you can post your story for free on Readwave.


Ask anyone who plays World of Warcraft and they’ll tell you that of all the creatures roaming that electronic world, the gnomes are the most annoying. I’d say I’m a good example – if you met me in-game you’d soon get tired of my tricks. But if you think my WoW avatar is irritating, you should see me in “RL” as the gamers like to call it.

Sent to this plane for a year and a day, I adore causing mischief. From the top of my diminutive head to the tips of my toes, which are housed in Nikes rather than curly-toed slippers, I’ll have you know, the rush I get from a joke well-played is what I live for.

Like the time I turned the quarterback’s car into a pumpkin – that was a good one! He never suspected that someone had turned his car into an actual pumpkin. He was convinced that one of his friends had hotwired it and had it parked in their garage – it almost came to blows at one point. Nobody noticed the computer nerd lurking nearby.

Oh! And then there was the time I fused the Math teacher’s pants to his chair! I melded the atoms of the chair and the pants together. They were impossible to separate, so the Math teacher had to take his pants off to escape. He looked so comical, stalking round the classroom in his jockeys, his puny chicken legs pale and hairy, as he threatened to put the whole football team in detention for a month for pulling such a trick. He never saw the chess club dork sniggering quietly to himself in the corner.

Ah, but the best one by far was the queen bee cheerleader. She was so proud of her looks. Constantly flipping open her purse in search of her compact, making sure her lipgloss hadn’t smudged, or her eyeshadow creased. She sprayed so much hairspray that I swear a couple of bystanders got hospitalised for respiratory issues. So I thought I’d give her beauty regime a little help. I mean, she was always bragging about how she had the longest mane of hair in the school, I just made extra sure it was the truth. It wasn’t my fault it got tangled in the bars in the school gym so badly that the school had to call in firefighters to cut her loose!

Yes, it turns out that high school is the perfect camouflage for a gnome out on manoeuvres. Short and skinny, we blend in perfectly with the sun-starved dweebs. A thick pair of glasses and too-short pants is all it takes. Alas, my time here runs short. I’ll miss this plane, I hope the next place I get sent on assignment has as steady a supply of fodder. Yep, hear that swishing sound? That’s the portal opening. As they say in this world, my ride’s here. So long, and thanks for all the fish. And remember – be nice to those gnomes, you never know what might be behind the avi!


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