Freebie Party Invite – Hawaiian Theme

Trying to organise a joint birthday party for my kids, I found that it can be really difficult to find distinctive, well designed invitations unless you want something character-based. And if your party is themed for something apart from princesses, pirates or dinosaurs then you’re looking at paying through the nose and looking at specialist party websites rather than nipping to the nearest newsagents or card shop.

So I made my own! Well… almost. My design skills are pretty basic, so I managed to do a background using (free to download and similar to Photoshop), but my illustration abilities are pretty much non existent. Thankfully there are more talented people out there than me. It turns out that scrapbooking embellishments also look pretty good on invitations and better still, some of them are free for personal use.

Here’s the invitation I made – it’s for a tropical/Hawaiian themed party. Feel free to download and use this, but please don’t sell it and if you tweak/improve it, if you could link back here, that would be great.

Hawaiian/Tropical Party Invitation

It looks better with embellishments. I used the ‘Almost Summer’ Freebie pack which you can find at Becky’s Creations.

Why not have a go at making your own? It’s really not as hard as it looks.

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