Apple Jam Recipe

This is actually a slight adaptation of a pear jam recipe posted by CarolineB on the Jamie Oliver website forums, so please go here to view the original (post #2).  Full credit for the recipe goes to her – the only reason I have posted it here is to show how I changed it slightly to suit apples

Spiced Apple Jam

1 kg apples, decored, peeled
1 kg preserving sugar
juice of two lemons (I always cut a stripe of zest, too, add and remove in the end)
1 cinnamon stick (to be removed in the end)
1 pinch of each: ground cloves, ground allspice, ground nutmeg, ground mace, ground coriander, and ground cardamom
1cm cube of ginger, finely grated
optionally 60 ml of brandy/calvados

Cook apples with lemon juice and preserving sugar for about 10 minutes

Strain through a sieve (I am lazy and purree the jam with a handblender).

Add brandy and let it cook again. Fill hot into sterilized jars. Close and put upside down to cool.


  1. It is easy to .make I did it with out all the spices and just the lemon squeezed in ther and boiled it on a fire and it tast really nice

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